Well-made shoes take you far

The roots of Reka Group reach all the way back to 1898 when Edvard Rentto began his career at the Korkeakoski Shoe Factory. In the last 120 years, Reka has grown through various stages into an internationally known and respected manufacturing company. Over the decades, we have refined our operations while expanding our product range, locations, and factories.

Over the years we have cemented our place as a supplier of quality cable solutions for industry’s needs. First-class quality and meeting the needs of our customers have always been important to us at Reka.

1961 – Reka’s operations began

The cable production began in 1961 in Hyvinkää when one floor was leased from Villayhtymä for cable production. Cable manufacturing initially served as Rentto Oy’s department under the trademark RE-KA and under the symbol green wire. The first installation cables approved by the Finnish Electricity Inspectorate were delivered in July 1961, from which Reka Cables operations are considered to have begun.

1965 – First decade of cable manufacturing

In 1962, with the arrival of new machinery, Reka also began to manufacture underground cables. However, the production facilities were being outgrown. In the beginning of 1965, Reka entered  new production premises in the Sahamäki area of Hyvinkää. The larger facilities and new machines brought production capacity to a whole new level.

Since 1966, Reka has been a member of the Finnish Electrical Wholesalers’ Federation. This membership allowed us to tap into the wholesale market and opened up new directions for sales at Reka.

1972 – Exports begin, operations expand

In the ‘70s, production expanded, and volume grew. Reka produced wiring harnesses for the automotive industry, PVC sewer pipes, and cable sets for Saab Scania.

With production expanding, Reka’s first export shipment was sent to Iceland in 1972.

1973Keuruu production plant started

Production of installation wires and smaller cables was moved from Hyvinkää to Keuruu, where a suitable production hall for cable production was available. In 1984 it was expanded, allowing the layout to be streamlined.

Nowadays, the factory produces installation and instrumentation cables as well as specialised fire-resistant and halogen-free cables.

1986 – Additional capacity for installation wires

In 1986, a wiring harness factory was established in Tervakoski, and in 1993, production of wiring harnesses began in Vyborg as well. A separate company, Reka Harnesses Oy, was founded for these operations in 1992, but its operations were sold in 1997.

1999 – Production of medium- and high-voltage cables begins a new era

The production of medium- and high-voltage cables began in 1999, ushering in a new era for Reka. The first medium-voltage cable line in Riihimäki was installed at the former Paloheimo fiberglass factory.

In 2006, wide-scale investments at the factory in Riihimäki began, resulting in e.g. a second specialized CCV line as well as new manufacturing facilities.

2007 – New production facilities in Russia

New production facilities were bought in Podolsk, Russia, where the manufacturing of medium-voltage cables began in 2007. In 2013, Reka Cables sold its cable manufacturing companies located in Russia.

2017 – Construction Products Regulation leads to the establishment of a testing laboratory

In 2017, in response to the new fire safety requirements set by the EU, Reka established a fire testing laboratory for cables in Keuruu. The Cable Test Center makes the product development process at Reka significantly more efficient, in addition to being Finland’s first commercial fire testing laboratory for cables.

2020 – On a journey to becoming the world’s greenest cable manufacturer

Reka launched Cabler, an open system for managing cables and cable drums, which digitalises the entire field of infrastructure construction, saving both materials and time. Reka Cables also set environmental goals and committed to the goals set by the UN for sustainable development.